RLC Endorses Clayburn Griffin

May 9, 2018
For Immediate Release

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Clayburn Griffin for NM's 2nd

LOVINGTON, NM - Congressional candidate Clayburn Griffin received an endorsement Tuesday from the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC), an organization promoting individual freedom and limited government within the Republican Party. "The RLC is pleased to endorse Clayburn Griffin for New Mexico Congressional District 2," said the RLC's chairman, Matt Nye. "He is a constitutional conservative who has shown that he can get things done."

Griffin released a statement online through Twitter (@VoteClayburn). "I'm honored to receive the RLC's endorsement. Liberty is a fundamental American value, and I really appreciate the work they've done defending Liberty in our country."

While Griffin is a lifelong Republican, he worked on former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson's two presidential bids when Johnson ran on the Libertarian Party's ticket. Johnson originally ran as a Republican in 2012 before switching to the Libertarian Party after the GOP kept him out of debates. Griffin continued to serve on the campaign through the switch to the Libertarian Party and served again on the 2016 campaign.

Immigration reform has been a top issue for Griffin, and a major difference from the other Republican contenders in the race. Griffin says he's taking a more "liberty-minded" approach, understanding that there's a huge difference between undocumented workers looking to provide for their families and criminal drug traffickers. "Our immigration system is broken. Undocumented immigrants are a symptom of that, not a cause. Fixing our immigration system will free up border patrol resources to focus on security instead of wasting resources arresting and deporting working families."

A major criticism of establishment Republicans has been their reliance on corporate donors and kowtowing to special interests. Griffin, however, has focused on a grassroots campaign aimed at bringing a voice to regular working Americans. "Our politicians don't represent us," said Griffin. "I'm running because our Republic badly needs representatives who put the people above playing politics. Politics as usual isn't cutting it."

The RLC's endorsement came after a two-stage process.  Griffin's candidacy was screened by the RLC's Candidate Committee before being recommended to their National Board for approval.  "Clayburn's time working for conservative candidates and legislators demonstrates his dedication to fighting for fiscal restraint, individual liberty and limited government," Nye said.

For more information about Clayburn Griffin and his campaign visit his campaign website: http://www.clayburnforcongress.com

For more information about the Republican Liberty Caucus visit their website: http://rlc.org/

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