A Simple Philosophy

The current state of American politics can be very frustrating and disappointing.  There is just too much anger, too much nasty rhetoric and a "sports team" mentality to party politics.  Instead of this angry fighting, we should all be working together toward a brighter future for all Americans, and for the whole world.

So, during my campaign I will be promoting a simple message everyone should consider adopting for their own lives:  Don't Forget to Be Awesome!  DFTBA!

This is a simple reminder to ourselves to see others complexly, to understand each other as fellow humans with our own struggles, goals, hopes, dreams, fears and feelings.  It can be easy to forget that, particularly in a digital age where so much human interaction is facilitated through cold, literally calculating machines.  We all fall short of awesome from time to time, but this simple reminder, if we take it to heart, will hopefully keep us awesome more often than not.

I hope you will support me and my campaign to do great things for our country, but more importantly I sincerely hope you will remember to be awesome each and every day because this world is what we make it.  All of us, together.

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