Statement on President Trump's Child Separation Tweet

May 26, 2018

President Trump's tweet on Saturday blaming Democrats for the cruel policy of separating children from their families in immigration enforcement is an obvious lie. What President Trump calls in his tweet a "horrible law" is in fact a recently implemented policy by his Department of Justice. This is his own administration's policy which he is criticizing in the tweet and blaming on Democrats. He has full authority to stop this cruelty and could do so immediately, and should do so immediately.

The disingenuous tweet is a clear example of the kind of dirty politics which his "Drain the Swamp" mantra is supposed to be against. I'm running specifically to put an end to politics as usual and this kind of dishonest rhetoric. The American people deserve better.

I'm sure it is clear to many that the President is purposely causing children to suffer in order to blackmail Democrats into supporting his immigration policies, in particular the ending of family-based immigration and a building of a wall along our southern border. This is such a terrible, inhumane and low political move. We cannot simply ignore it. I have to call out President Trump for this disgusting move, and I hope that other Republicans will do so too. If we hope to have any credibility in these midterm elections and in what comes after, then we must speak out today for Truth and Decency.

Nobody should ever abuse children as a means to getting what they want.

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