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    Why I'm Running

    New Mexico FlagHello and welcome to my campaign website!  Like many Americans, I am frustrated with the current state of American politics.  Too much bickering.  Too much anger and hate. 

    While I understand this frustration, I am also hopeful.  We can never lose hope because it's hope that can, and always does, defeat hate.

    In all the bitter partisan squabbling, our politicians have lost site of the Big Picture, of the simple daily struggles of real hard-working Americans.  We just want opportunity.  We want effective schools for our children.  We want honest jobs that pay fair wages and benefits.  We want to continue enjoying the wonders of nature and access to public parks.  

    These are not complicated issues.  Americans have simple, modest desires.  Yet our politicians work only for corporate interests and play the working class against each other through divisive rhetoric and meaningless posturing over hot-button issues.  All the while, we suffer, exploited to feed the wallets and egos of career politicians and their corporate donors.

    This has to change, and it can change!  We have the power, together as a collective voice, to make important changes and build a new American dream for the modern world.

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